"A little place called Hardrock"; or the story of how Hardrock came to be


Awesome session. You returned from Archenbridge to Vraath Keep, found the burning skull camp and the lair of Grendath, found the Molloquaid Consortium’s HQ, befriended the Lizardfolk and rescued Grendath and Elfington Elferan. You also completely demolished the remaining half of the Molloquaid consortium and made allies with both Grendath and the Elferan clan (the giant owl trainers) earned massive xp from quest awards and multiple very challenging encounters. You guys continue to impress me with interesting ways of solving problems, and you beat even the CR 12 encounter.


ben – 30,500 xp + 17,700 xp = 48,200 xp (LEVEL 10) (update the wiki!)

lyndon – 38,000 xp + 17,700 xp = 54,700 xp (LEVEL 11)

nik – 38,000 xp + 17,700 xp = 54,700 xp (LEVEL 11)

steph – 38,000 xp + 17,700 xp = 54,700 xp (LEVEL 11)

caz – 37,500 xp + 17,700 xp = 54,200 xp (LEVEL 11) (update the wiki!)

leigh – 38,000 xp + 17,700 xp = 54,700 xp (LEVEL 11)


Assassin’s stash

  • 5x possum pouch
  • 5x longspoon thieves tools
  • 20x breaker bottles (holding potions below, 5 empty)
  • 5x potions (haste, darkvision, neutralize poison)
  • 5x black cloak of resistance +1
  • jumping caltrop farm

Guards’ bodies (and armory)

all stuff has been nabbed by the Lizardfolk

Assassin’s bodies

all stuff has been nabbed by the Lizardfolk

The Tiefling Cleric

  • +1 chain shirt
  • ring of protection +1 (sold for 1kgp for _identify_s)
  • cloak of res +2 w/ zhentarim symbol
  • 6x MW dagger
  • scroll of vile lance
  • 2x potions of (cure moderate wounds, levitate, protection from fire)
  • Index finger of an Elf
  • Daedra Heart

The Elf Fire Savant

  • Sturdy leather cloak (cloak of fire resistance)
  • Bracers of armor +2
  • a toad in familiar carrier
  • wand of fireball

In the wizard’s study

  • stuffed owl (answers one question as per augury 1/day)
  • glass container preserving a living eye
  • animated 1ft tall stone gargoyle
  • ornate chess set haunted by something(?), plays mean game of chess
  • collection of spellbooks
  • masterless homonculus



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