"A little place called Hardrock"; or the story of how Hardrock came to be


A beautiful reunion

You guys are now back together in Archenbridge:

  • Jim, Toren and Walt appeared in Elfie’s apartment, where Liza is getting ready for her wedding day.
  • Liza was married to Paul, on the 22nd of Hammer 1380 DR.

From more google wave and Lyndon’s backstory writing…

  • Jim: 65,980xp + 2,010 xp = 67,990 xp current (level 12)
  • Liza: 64,650xp current (level 11)
  • Erik: 60,650xp current (level 11)
  • Pheebee: 64,650xp current (level 11)
  • Sir King Murlocalot: 64,650xp current (level 11)
  • Asha: 64,650xp current (level 11)



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