Toren Areylan


Toren has no memory about her human parents. As an infant she was polymorphed by are rather devious and vengeful mage with a sick sense of humor into a kobold child and then bestowed into the care of foster kobold parents Oaukcat and Preezras Stabsus. It can only be assumed her real parents were killed by this same mage. Toorbfug Lilands (Torens kobold name) grew up in this kobold community with no knowledge of what had transpired. Very quickly it was recognised that her intellectual aptitude was ‘uncommon’ for a regular kobold. At the human age of 10 she was considered one of the smartest kobolds in the village and was sent for training with the Kobold caster Pheavlor Magehand. This also resulted in her being ostracized from the regular kobold children. Her childhood was a friendless one.

This caused Toorbfug to withdraw from common social interaction spending all her time studying Phe’s magics. Within five years she had quickly outmastered the kobold mage. With this new level of magical competency she recognised the effects of some form of transmutation spell which had been cast upon her. Though as her knowledge of spellcraft was limited, the only book in the whole village being Phe’s spellbook, she was unable to determine what spell it was or how to reverse it.

At the age of 20 Toorbfug passed into the adult realm and was thus recognised by the Kobold leadership. However the gods did not smile upon her involvement in the ceremony to recognise this milestone. As Toorbfug was being presented to adult society the village was attacked by a group of powerful mages on an xp run (magical item creation). They had mistakenly wandered into this kobold village. Not wanting to look foolish they slaughtered every living thing. Except, thankfully, for poor old Toorbfug. In the heat of battle she let off a few magic missiles which had not gone unoticed. The mages stared at her, standing amongst the corpses of her childhood village, and began laughing. After a quick chat in common (which Toorbfug didn’t understand) she was grasped by bigbys grasping hand and teleported to a dungeon cell.

The dungeon turned out to be owned by the mages. The mages turned out to be cruel and demanding masters. Toorbfug was to show a new spell once a day. If she was unable to produce such a spell she was denied food. Except on the last day and second last day of the 10 day, when she was forced to fight and given rest respectivly. She was allowed out into their vast magical library once a day for a few hours and able to return to her cell with three books. The library access was a lot less useful that one would expect considering the language barrier (the mage’s had cursed all the books to be readable in common only).

After a few months of this vicious training Toorbfug had mastered the basics of common and increased her arcane understanding to a high enough level to finally get the joke. The sudden realisation that everykobold and everthing she had even known was not hers. That she didn’t know her parents, and had serious suspicions about what had happened to them. That the mages were keeping her captive as much to help her to for their own pleasure of watching her work it out. Needless to say the next day when she was fetched by the youngest of the mages (they never talked to her or around her) she flipped out.

Little did she understand the concequences of challenging someone who’s magical ability far outranked your own. Thankfully he was lenient and in the next instant she found herself lying naked in the ruins of her old kobold village in, for the first time known to her, human form.

So Toorbfug moved to Suzail, and studied at the Royal Academy for Arcane Training in Abjuration and Anthropology and wrote her thesis in interspecies social integration. Accordingly, when she graduated she left for Tilverton to oversee the integration of goblinoids into the human society that existed there, and planned on writing her ArD (Arcane Doctorate). But when the war broke out, she was eventually conscripted into overseeing the migration of many Tilvertonians to New Tilverton (in Old Sessrenglade).

She was stuck in a lowly political job and had no time to persue her research. She grew sadder and sadder despite rising up the political ranks and earning a fair share of gold.

Then, New Tilverton was attacked by rats, and in the emergency evacuation she must have saved hundreds of lives. She decided to go back into politics when she arrived at Vraath Keep but vowed to put enough time aside to write her research and complete her ArD by 1382 DR.