Garl grew up an orphan on the streets of Undermountain. He begged and stole for money, and was soon taken in by a school of hard knocks, who forced the young beggars to pickpocket for them. One day, Garl pickpocketed some bat guano out of a mages pocket and the illithid caught him. He exploded the fireball to teach him a lesson – but Garl survived the spell. So the illithid, Pledaes, took him on has his apprentice. Garl learned alchemy and engineering and mathematics. He had a particular aptitude for building robots and for alchemy.

Being able to turn copper into gold is a lucrative business, and Garl fell into the trap of big spending: he gambled and drank, took drugs and hired hookers, he crashed wagons and spent time in jail. He also accrued quite the gambling debt to a particular illithid by the name of Vlistur. When he finally got out of jail, the debt had grown out of control. Garl requested Vlistur not charge him the extra fees – Vlistur said that was fair and let him go. Vlistur was then publicly executed for showing mercy to an underrace. Vlistur’s boss then started to hunt Garl down, and Garl’s been running from them ever since.