Both of Paul’s parents died, leaving himto fend for himself. Paul is/was on good terms with his parents. Paul is the oldest child of a large family (more than five children) who pretend(s) that he isn’t there, if possible. The character’s family emigrated to Archenbridge two generations ago. How does the community react to Paul? He is admired and beloved.

Paul has two important enemies, perhaps working together who strike at him by attacking his friends, family, and allies.

Paul through his being a general and his popular politics has alsowon the respect of a huge group of people in Archenbridge. He has allies and power who provide him with equipment and favours.

As for companions, Paul has an unusual pet: a pseudodragon named Lung. It is especially strong and fierce. Paul also has a fiancé: Liza Gorbachev. She is especially strong and fierce.