Shorteigh of the Blackshield

Badass caster.


Shorteigh of the Blackshield

Race: Svirfneblin

Level: 8

Clan: Blackshield

Class: Illusionist 7, Shadowcraft Mage 1

Profession: Criminal

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral.

Languages: Undercommon, Gnome, Common, Dwarvern, Goblin.

Racial Abilities: 1 size bonus to armour class, +1 size bonus to attack rolls, +4 size bonus on hide checks, stonecunning, darkvision to 120 ft, low light vision, spell resistance 11 class levels, nondetection, +2 to all saving throws, +1 difficult class against illusion spells cast by him, +1 atk vs goblinoids and kobolds, +4 dodge to armour class against all creatures, +2 listen, craft, hide racial bonus, hide goes to +4 underground.

Spell like abilities, blindness/deafness, blur, disguise.

HP = 47

Str: 13 Dex: 19 Con: 17 Int: 20 Wis: 18 Cha: 2

Saves: 7, 8, 13

AC: 10+4(dodge)+1(size)+4(robe)+4(dex)=23

Atk: +5(quarterstaff), +9(crossbow)

Feats: Scribe Scroll (lvl 1 feat), Chains of Disbelief (Instead of familiar), Spell Focus: Illusion (Free wizard feat, lvl 5). Greater Spell Focus: Illusion, Cosmopolitan (Hide), Heighten Spell

Class Feats: Cloak of Shadows

Known Spells: 0:All Spells 1:Colour Spray, Disguise Self, Silent Image, Magic Missile, Mage Armour, Feather Fall, Identify 2:Minor Image, Mirror Image, Web, Melf’s Acid Arrow. Bull’s Strength, 3:Displacement, Major Image, Daylight, Fireball, Haste, Water Breathing 4:Shadow Conjuration, Phantasmal Killer, Stoneskin, Illusory Wall

Spells per day: 0:4(+2 from int) 1:4(+1 from int) 2:3(+1 from int) 3:3(+1 from int) 4:2(+1 from int)

Skills:Hide 11ranks (26)(28 underground), Move Silently 5ranks (14), Concentration 11ranks (14), Bluff +5(-cha), Spellcraft 11ranks (16), Listen 5ranks (11), Decipher Script 11ranks (16)

Gear: Robe of Arcane Might (Illusion), Rod of Cats, Ring of Silent Spells, War wizard’s cloak, Heavy Crossbow +2, Backpack, Bedroll, 100 ft Silk Rope, 5 days trail rations,


Shorteigh of the Blackshield

"A little place called Hardrock"; or the story of how Hardrock came to be roryfhudson