Archendale is the most aggressive and well-defended dale in The Dalelands. Due to its security, the region is a haven for merchants. Archendale is home to the most powerful and numerous military unit in the Dalelands, a cavalry unit named the Archenriders which patrols the River Arkhen.

Arkhenfolk are a difficult, haughty people who regard most other Dalesfolk as backward, rustic simpletons, Sembans as spineless, lazy fops, and most other outlanders as unscrupulous vagabonds. They have the best army in the Dales, but are insufferably arrogant. Sharp and honest businessmen, few will admit to being anything but peddlers of some sort. Noted for their love of nature and, in particular, the ferns, flowers, and grasses that prosper along the banks of rivers and shallow streams.