Bugbear Militia

The bugbear militia were instated by the PCs, on request of Rugan, to keep the peace in Silverton and do other jobs that one might require monstrous soldiers for.


  • The bugbears lack motivation to solve any real crimes. But, with a population of 800 men and 10 6ft hulking bugbear policemen, crime is low in Silverton. If the population increased, and especially if conditions were not so good for the residents, they might need reinforcements.
  • A tournament fight let the bugbears do their first real job in Silverton – making sure no one pussied out. One bugbear even competed. The winner of the tournament was Jim, a Bedine barbarian from Anauroch.
  • They next diverted traffic away from a competitors mine, until they allowed Tobias Beecher access – right into a cunning trap left for him by the PCs. An epic, bloody battle ensued and only 2 bugbears lost their lives. Though several mercenaries did.
  • One of the bugbears, Njaal, now guards Beecher’s cell.

List of bugbear militia

  • Nigrah Killed by Jim
  • Rognvald Killed by Beecher
  • Hromstein – Good with knives, only has one eye. Dead family from the Molloquaid Consortium
  • Ishmael – Desires immortality, is an all-rounder.
  • Ho Bruzzk Killed by Beecher
  • Hilde(F) – Investigator, has blindsight and can track. Desires Immortality.
  • Germund – Always wired on drugs, super reflexes. Evil and bored.
  • Margarita(F) – Good with Elves, avid armorsmith and melee specialist. Hates Ettins, likes Erik who healed her.
  • Njaal – Casts spells and enjoys pottery. Thrillseeker and desires defence against the Molloquaid Consortium
  • Rezrachk – Casts spells and practices alchemy. Hates orcs and paladins.