Gabilgathol is a Dwarven city in the shallow layer of the underdark. It is a gyroelongated pentagonal bicupola in shape. It is also a community of 26 Dwarven clans, all of whom are represented in various, smaller Dwarven settlements nearby. 5 of these clans are noble clans, 4 of which are consort clans to the Crownshield, who have ruled as alpha clan for as long as the common Dwarf cares to remember.

Gabilgathol’s currency is both complex and simple. Merchants and banks accept many types of legal tender but the city-state currency works in rations. Each week, workers (“clansmen”) are given rations of food, weapons, clothes – whatever the state deems they need and then a certain amount of “credit rations” which are used to trade for various goods/services that the city-state cannot predict or quantify. These credit rations, form the basic currency when buying goods. Except in the International Zone, where merchants accommodate for travellers from above and below.

Most citizens believe Gabilgathol to be a virtual utopia and would never imagine a life outside its protective walls. Also most citizens have little or no understanding of personal wealth or trade, having had the state provide for them their whole lives – and the more specialist intricacies of trade and economy are not known outside of the higher-ranking, higher-intelligence clerics of Vergadain.

For the common Dwarf, Gabilgathol provides for them with protection, food, housing, education, healthcare and any goods they desire – the standard of living (and quality of life) is high, crime, poverty and unemployment are all low and, at least as far as Dwarven knowledge goes, this is the best place in the underdark to live.

Notable locations include Azaghalgathol – the annular fortress which provides Gabilgathol with protection from the underdark, Barazdum – the secret hall of the Blackshield, Kibilzaram – the hospital and communal baths, Mazabulnuluk – the great library of Gabilathol and of course, the water forge and furnace which provide the Dwarves with water and heat in this underground society.

Dwarven clans of Gabilgathol

  • Battlehammer
  • Blackshield* (CE) :Shadow -espionage, surveillance and intelligence gathering
  • Blackhammer
  • Bladebite:Warding – security for businesses, trapmaking and lockpicks
  • Brimstone: Mining
  • Crownshield* (N) :Hospitality – Innkeepers, restauranteurs, chefs. Food and shelter.
  • Darkfell
  • Deepaxe
  • Deepdelve :Finding – inquisitors, detectives, identifiers and scavengers.
  • Eaglecleft
  • Foehammer
  • Gallowglar
  • Greenblood:Healing – poisonmakers, alchemists, pharmacists and herbalists.
  • Hillsafar
  • Hornshield* (CG) :Healing – healers, doctors, alchemists and herbalists.
  • Ironthorne :Passage – primarily the house oversees the Lightning Rail.
  • Jundeth
  • Musclewhore:Sentinel – House grew from the epic champion of The Pitt, Pugface Musclewhore. Gladiators.
  • Narlagh
  • Orcslayer:Detection – scouts, sentries. personal and city-state protection.
  • Orothiar
  • Rockfist :Making – Artificers, craftsmen and tinkerers. fabricate or repair almost anything. Great design abilities, the natural philosophers of the dwarf world.
  • Skullshield* (LE) :Sentinel – Full-time soldiers (not associated with any profession)
  • Stonehammer
  • Stoneshield* (LG) :Making – blacksmithing and metalworking. All things metal.
  • Trueforger :Scribing – scribes, writers, messengers and diplomats. They produce the newspaper – New Glabilgathol.
  • Wyrmslayer:Handling – Anything animaly or monstery. Handlers, breeders, drivers and breakers.

Enemies of the Dwarves

See intelligent humanoids of the underdark

Illumination in Gabilgathol

Although all of its inhabitants can see in the dark, they can only see 60’-120’ away. To aid long-distance vision, the Dwarves run semi-porous metal pipes along their walkways and run nutrient-rich water through it (pumped from the water forge). Bioluminescent lichen then grows on the outside of these pipes, needing both air and the nutrient water. When new pipes are built, the growth can be accelerated by primers grown by the Greenblood clan. The lichen illuminate the paths and walkways through the Dwarven city-state.


Photostatic Rock

When this rock is touched by the naked hand, it conveys its memories of the recent past to the toucher. This rock is used extensively in crime scene investigation, usually by the Dwarven Secret Police or the Dwarven Armed Police.


This rock emits a dull green light, coming too close to the rock results in nausea, weakness and sometimes long-lasting sickness. Sickstone is used by the Dwarven Secret Police to prevent citizens from accessing restricted areas.