Liza Gorbachev

Born to a prostitute who was ‘perment’ stowaway (worker) on a merchent ship her early years were hard ones. By a young age she had learnt to surive for her self and rely upon the help of no one. From the age of 10 she had followed in her mothers foot steps as a land of the night. The work gave her a strong dislike of humans. This she used to her advantage feeling no guilt for stolen wealth. Never much for sneaky encounters Liza survived by brute force and quick reflexes. Leading to a rapidly developing understanding of how effective waysto quickly take anothers life. Her violent reputation preceded her and work became harder to find. At 16 she left the lawless Pirate Isles and returned to Cormyr (forgotten name of big town, Surzail) a place were her childhood ship had spent much time. Not unformiliar with the area she continued with her work in a less violent way. She found the new laws and social structure smothering. Her hate for civilisation grew and a strong resolved to live from the land captured her. In her 19th year a young strong fellow of the name Delidrus promised to wisk her to a new life. Although skeptical the enticement of his woodland knowledge was too strong. They dissapeared into the kings forest. Liza lernt much about the ways of the wild. Growing to trust Delidrus unlike she had ever trusted before. Within six months Delidrus considered her ‘training’ complete and started to seek for her emplayment. Little know to liza she was to be the sex toy of a rich man, Hess, with a rather twisted desire for a completly wild woman sex slave. She was introduced to Hess slowly over a period of months. Unluckly for Delidrus and Hess Liza’s inital introduction to prositution was not forgotten mostly due to the sever brutality of it. She recognised the attempts to force her into willing submission and reverting to her lawless state she slew them both during the night. Vowing to never be the servant in a situation again she left to put her now found skills to work.