Pheebee the Cat

Raised as an orphan by patriarchal refugees settled in the capital of Estagund, Pheebee developed quick reflexes and an evil disposition with a tendency towards the chaotic. A reputation for violent murder and outrageous thievery meant her family was treated with contempt by the general public, with every member carrying an air of proud disrepute. It was thus necessary to be constantly ready for combat, and training in martial arts from a young age meant that ninja-like skills were constantly at the ready.

Her early childhood education was religious, but in her teenage years she branched into advanced mathematics and magical training, however it was necessary to aid her family in the traditional running of their farm (which mainly produced illicit substances).

Mysteriously born with 12 fingers, Pheebee is the youngest of four adopted siblings, all of which have been murdered and looted in their sleep. A jilted lover passionately awaits her return to their hometown, so that she may bring about her untoward demise, thereby exacting revenge.