Spiderhaunt woods

Sorcerers and wizards whose spells call for webs, eggs or parts of giant spiders have reason to enter this eerie forest, but all others are well advised to tread with great caution, and keep an eye out on the woods when traveling along the Northride.

Spiderhaunt Woods

Ettercaps and other creatures who live in the forest are known to swarm out of the woods to seize captives and drag them away. From nearly any point inside the forest, a web of some kind can be seen, and almost every kind of spider known has been seen here, only in much larger sizes; even a few types of spiders, both normal and large, have been discovered that seem to exist nowhere but in the Spiderhaunt.

A community of forest gnomes called Stormpemhauder exists somewhere in the woods, and these gnomes specialize in trading spider related goods to those interested. Anathar’s Dell is a spot where forest gnomes occasionally head to sell their goods, as they don’t expect interested buyers to venture into the forest itself, and they prefer to keep the exact location of their community a secret.

More than one person has laughed at the notion that a community of two and a half feet tall gnomes is able to exist and survive among all the spiders, but all laughter ceases when they see a gnome fight and kill a spider ten times its own size with relative ease.