Vraath Keep

Vraath keep is both the old keep where Lord Vraath once ruled (supposedly), and also the current residence of the PCs. It is a small keep, single story (excepting the gun-tower which is two and the cellar/cells which is subterran).


  • Vraath keep was run down due to the orc chieftan’s lack of upkeep. The same will happen if the PCs don’t pay their yearly upkeep (5kgp/year – 415gp/month).
  • The PCs can restore each of the rooms to ‘simple’, ‘good’ or ‘fancy’ conditions: They chose ‘good’.

Bought Upgrades

  • Guards – 72gp/year, 10gp/day bonus if fighting

Potential Upgrades

  • Alchemists Lab – 500gp. fancy: 3000gp includes helper (360gp/year) (fancy: +2 to alchemy)
  • Chapel – simple 600gp (1 acolyte), fancy 25kgp (2 acolytes). acolytes: 360gp/year each (+1 or +2 to knowledge(religion))
  • Smithy – simple 500gp, fancy 2kgp, 1 smith (144gp/year) or masterwork smith (360gp/year) (appropriate craft skills get +1 or +2)
  • Kitchen – simple 2kgp, fancy 12kgp – fancy includes 2 cooks (36gp/year each)
    • Dining Hall – simple 2kgp, fancy 12kgp – fancy includes 1 servant (36gp/year)
  • Stables – if they keep horses, 1 groom is required (54gp/year)